Louisville Ingress Resistance

This is a thing; it's like a plan, but with more greatness.

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>> Learn more about Ingress
Ingress is an augmented reality game played on Android devices. Run by a mysterious organization called Niantic Labs (a division of Google), the game is immersive, with a full backstory. It has puzzles to solve and places to discover. Learn more about the game at ingress.com. You can request an invite code using the form below.

>> Are you right for the Resistance?
You have a patriotic bent. You believe in family values, honor, hard work and tradition. You may have a military background, and the thought of protecting your Nation fills you with pride. Regardless, you are cautious toward the Shapers and pessimistic of what the future might hold if the Shapers ingress into our world unchecked. You just don't think it's wise to love the tentacle. You probably would enjoy being part of the Resistance.

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